Purpose of Conference

This third edition of the conference aims to bring many important research streams together: Biometrics and Kansei Engineering. Image Analysis and Biometrics applications in both behavioral and physiological categories comprise researches in Information Processing Systems and Human Biology, Behavior and people Emotion Measuring Techniques for Identification and Recognition of either their personality of emotional state. Therefore, researchers are encouraged to submit their contributions in both theoretical and practical aspects of the following Topics.


The topics of the conference include the following scientific research areas of Computer Science.

  • Biometrics:
    Preprocessing Methods, Feature Extraction, Face Description and Identification, Iris Identification, Fingerprints, Hand Palm and Hand Geometry, Speech and Speaker Recognition and all other topics on Human Description, Classification, Identification and Description.
  • Kansei Engineering:
    Philosophy, Management, Information Processing, Kansei Measuring, Business, Goods and New Product Development Design, Interaction, Intelligence in Textile Engineering, Psycho-Physiology, Artificial, Brain, Robotics, Quality of Life and Ecological Life, Human Factors, Advanced Pattern Recognition, Applications/Theory of Emotion &Sensibility.
  • Affective Systems:
    Face and Gesture Processing, Speech Processing, Evaluation of Affective Expressivity, Affective Database, Annotation and Tools, Music Processing and Interaction.
  • Computer Information Systems:
    Signal Analysis, Image Analysis and Processing, Computer graphics and Vision, Object Classification and Recognition, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Simulation, Computer Security and Safety, Medical, Multimedia, Industrial and other Applications.